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Life began in a garden, we began as dust. God breathed life into the man formed from the dust in that first garden. It was a paradise created for people to live among God in perfection. Sin put a curse on what God intended for life in that garden, but in His goodness and mercy, He's been making a way back for us from the beginning. We live between two gardens, the first Eden and the coming Eden where we will be with God in paradise once again.

So what do we do now? How do we live between two gardens? How do we find his presence like Adam and Eve felt as he walked among them? How do we grow in our relationship with God and others to better prepare our hearts, our minds and our souls for the next Eden?

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Can't you just picture it? You, in your perfect body, radiating in the glow of God's glory, walking through a lush garden hearing the breath of God ... the very breath that gave us life... right beside you? Let's not merely get by waiting for that garden. Let's live fully, experience the kingdom of heaven on earth here and now, between Edens.

Don't depend on the local church to be enough, learn to walk your own Spiritual journey, connect with the God of the Universe and lean on the Good Shepherd.

The Studies

Jump right in alone or with a group and become a woman of the word.

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The Garden: A study of the beginning



Hands Holding Pampas Grass

The Wilderness: A study of deliverance



coming soon

The Law: A study of holiness



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The Homestead

Cultivate the garden, bake the bread and make the house a home. Connect with the Creator by creating something along with us.

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Plant the Garden

Baking bread


Bake the Bread


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Annual Planner and Journal

Living room interior design

Other resources

Walking through a specific season of life? Try one of our other resources:

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The Shop

Nothing says you're part of the community like a t-shirt. Shop our swag and resources to enhance your life Between Edens.

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Workbook & Journal


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